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Cricket Kahi Bhi, Kabhi Bhi For The
#1 Cricket App

Using creativity we managed to do some tweaks that communicated how Cricket is always on repeat in the minds of Cricket lovers.

NorthStar Academy

Building a finance community on social media

Ever wondered why Community > Marketing? Here's how our creative
strategy helped us in building brand authenticity through community

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Pathkind Labs

Minimal Content Creation for Pathkind Labs

Don't know how to simplify medical with GIFs? Here's how minimalistic content on social media can help you in getting more audience.


3X More Organic Traffic on D2C
Gaming Brand

Trying to find out your buizz in the D2C buzz? Get a deeper insight into the role of SEO in growing a D2C brand in India!

Mobile Gaming Pubg
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Transparent Circles

About Project


Growth-Oriented Approach

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Extremely Fast Execution

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Working with us is as easy as writing these facts






Community of Tweakers


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Our expertise is in blending
creativity and tech with our tweaks

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Social Media Marketing

If brands could be built just by copying Zomato & Dunzo then these names would have been replaced real soon. Let's tweak your brand through a creative strategy that works for you.

Search Engine Marketing

If you're not on the 1st page of Google then your brand will always remain in the backstage. With our organic and paid search strategies book the top spot on Google for your brand.

UI/UX Design

A digital product becomes the best when it takes care
of the guests. Let's create transformative user experience across all platforms.


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They have trust
in our tweaks since 2020

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Going Bananas Over Our Tweaks

Shubham Saurabh

CEO, Jamsfy

SEO was always our pain point, and Minimal Tweaks helped us achieve the desired SEO results. We are ranking 1st on Google globally  which has helped us grow organically by 10% in the last 3 months.

Udit Lohiya

CFO, Finsense

They designed and developed the website for my brand Finsense with the best of quality standards. I had the confidence in them also because they designed the brand identity. Their work is extremely good.

Nitesh Jindal

Founder, Crunchy Cashews

I had the pleasure of working with Minimal Tweaks, as they did branding for Crunchy cashews. They are very accommodating, patient and give honest feedback. The brand identity and website is exactly what I envisioned!

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We know what's keeping you
worried in finding the right digital partner

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How can I test our compatibility as a brand and Agency?

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For better understanding of the approach, coordination and thought alignment, we suggest working on a small project or for a maximum duration of 3 months. This gives us and our Client great clarity in terms of growth, approach, and quality. You can have a look at the kind of work we've done for our clients in the past.

Is Webflow really better than WordPress?

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Webflow is leading the current website development marketplace. Speed of designing and development, convenience of integrations, and easy staging makes this a tool that is incredibly hard to beat. Our Webflow Experts are always up for brewing creative websites on Webflow.

As an early age startup do I really need digital strategy for building a brand?

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If your product is a product market fit then you must invest in marketing (not heavily) initially to amplify the solution to the target audience and get quick validation. But, if the product market fit is not achieved then invest more in development before marketing.

Is it worth hiring a creative digital agency?

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Why is "Talk to an Expert" a lifeline in KBC? It's there to help you in those areas that are not in your domain. Similarily, the digital spectrum is evolving each and every day and it's very hard for business owners to hire a full-time team to take care of all that. This is why agencies are onboarded to help a brand in growing them digitally with the latest techniques of digital mediums.


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