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3X more organic traffic on D2C gaming brand


Spinbot sells premium gaming gears for mobile and PC's that level up your gaming skills. These products are 100% quality tested and they provide a 7-day replacement policy.

Spinbot had been trying a lot of things to improve their online sales through SEO. Somehow they were able to get good number of traffic but it wasn’t actually converting into sales for them. That’s when they reached out to us for some tweaks.

  • To increase monthly traffic on website
  • To generate more online sales for thumb-sleeves product
  • To increase number of pages/session
  • To enhance impressions


We worked on their focused keywords related to their products and create long-tail versions of them as per our SEO strategy.

Since the gaming industry is booming since 2021, we analysed the competitors and identified the gaps in content marketing which helped us in preparing our strategy.

The website was not giving a good experience to their customers and that’s why we worked on improving their UI/UX using heat-map analysis and layouting.

The content was getting published in various forms like blogs, articles, infographics, product reviews, etc that helped us in improving traffic and engagement on the website.


What we witnessed was that many of the competitors were not focusing on their Google My Business profiles and that’s what we worked on initially to improve Spinbot’s GMB profile through regular content and instant response management system to queries this helped us in ranking on Google Maps as well as on search.

Spinbot was also coming up with new products every month so we had to incorporate that into our strategy which was very nicely done and even got a product ranking on top within 1 month of it’s launch on their website. 

Top priorities in this strategy were:

  • Understanding the brand’s presence on Flipkart and Amazon to identify the problems of target customers and then creating content to cater those needs. 
  • Google My Business Optimization and setup
  • Monthly meetings and analysis of the strategy

In just 3 weeks, we started ranking on Google for 8 target keywords and we also ranked on the first page for a high volume keyword associated with one of their product.


Spinbot has seen a great rise in the placed orders on their website and we are now moving ahead with a lot better pace to rank on newer gaming keywords.

Aamir Ali

CEO, Spinbot

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