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2X increase in organic sales of a lifestyle brand


Urban Basics is the market-leading brand covering the home textiles market. They provide home furnishings pan India across different categories through their website. Urban Basics relied heavily on repeat customers and paid advertisements for their online sales. They tried SEO but due to high competition they could not achieve valuable results out of it. They were primarily looking for:

  • Increase in online sales.
  • Increase in average session duration.
  • Increase in brand awareness.
  • Increase in shop visibility.


Urban Basics had a clear understanding of their target keywords.  So, we first worked on improving their website’s mobile usability and experience of users.

We did a detailed competitor analysis of 3 E-Commerce furnishing brands and found out that Urban Basics was not linking with high DA websites.

The meta descriptions and titles were not optimized as per the target keywords, so we revamped all of that to focus on certain keywords and keyphrases.

Post that, we started with content distribution and link-building to produce backlinks in the form of blogs, articles, PPTs, PDFs, videos, and infographics. We focused more on e-books and guides for their potential customers.


This was the first time we were working on SEO of a website built on Shopify. It was quite challenging for us but we analyzed the key areas and focused on the mobile experience of the website because 80% of their traffic came from mobile devices.

Since there were a lot of products, we started off with a certain set of products that already had some brand awareness. This helped us ranking on Google which ultimately boosted rankings for other products too. 

Some of the important tweaks that we were implementing continuously were:

  • Understanding user journeys for a product in Google Analytics
  • Analyzing queries in Search Console
  • Bi-weekly meetings with the client to understand about the product demand in the market


In 3 months we were able to see the outputs of our efforts and were ranking on the 1st page for various products in the L-shaped sofa category. Urban Basics is really impressed with the growth they have achieved through SEO and we have also expanded the target keywords across more product categories.

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