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Concept Tweak: Durex bringing kinks in Interviews


The monarch of mojo and the sultan of sass. Durex has raised the bar for sexual innuendos in advertising, creating a brand that drips with kink and cleverness. Durex's social media empire is the epitome of ingenuity, and a testament to the power of well-executed marketing strategies.


If you were to take a stroll through Durex's social media kingdom, you'd be met with a feast of clever content, each post more tantalizing than the last. From cheeky jokes to suggestive images, Durex knows exactly how to grab your attention and hold it. But what really sets them apart is the seamless integration of their sexual innuendos into their overall brand identity.


Inspired by Devargh Mukherjee, we wanted to advertise Durex on Linkedin through some witty wordplay and copywriting.

Linkedin Ad for Durex

Linkedin ad for Durex

Linkedin ad for Durex

Linkedin ad for Durex

Linkedin ad for Durex


These ads garnered a decent engagement on Linkedin.

Note: This is just a concept tweak done by our team.

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