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Cricket Exchange Fantasy is a real-money gaming platform that operates through an interactive app where users can create fantasy teams and engage in fantasy cricket. Pegged as India’s Easiest Cricket Fantasy platform, Cricket Exchange Fantasy has built a community of 1M+ satisfied users in a span of 2 years.

Recognizing the potential of social media as a powerful tool to reach and interest their target audience, they wanted to drive engagement and showcase the app's features and benefits. Moreover, they wanted to grab the attention of all cricket enthusiasts by creating content around the regular happenings in the world of Cricket. And that’s where Minimal Tweaks stepped in.


The strategy was simple yet effective – to make minimal tweaks that would have a significant impact. The focus was on crafting content that was entertaining, informative, and relatable. Through the content, we aimed to demonstrate that fantasy cricket success relied on users' cricket knowledge and strategic skills, rather than being solely dependent on chance.

By highlighting the affordability of contests and the potential for big rewards, the goal was to entice users to try out Cricket Exchange Fantasy.


Copy-Centric Carousels: We employed engaging and witty copy to introduce their platform as a fun and exciting experience. The focus was on affordable contests starting at just Rs. 3 and the chance to win substantial rewards.

Image-Centric Statics/Carousels: We showcased the thrill of fantasy cricket and the joy of winning with visually appealing graphics. Featuring real cricket match moments and players in action to evoke excitement.

Reels - Funny Content: Entertaining reels revolved around humorous cricket and fantasy cricket content, encouraging audience engagement and sharing.

Reels - App Information and Tips: Alongside entertainment, we created informative reels to educate the audience about app features, offer tips on crafting winning fantasy teams, and provide insights into the latest cricket trends.

Harnessing Collaborations: We leveraged Cricket Exchange Fantasy’s partnerships with TNPL’s IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans Team and Rahul Tripathi in our social content.


The tweaks to Cricket Exchange Fantasy's social media approach proved to be game-changers.

By incorporating relatable and entertaining content, we successfully captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts and fantasy sports players alike.

The community around the brand strengthened, boosting audience engagement on social media.We will continue to create engaging content to drive audience engagement and reinforce Cricket Exchange Fantasy's position as a leading cricket fantasy platform.

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