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Building the social media launchpad for a creator agency


SocialTAG is not your run-of-the-mill influencer marketing agency. Nope! They're all about setting their own trends and doing things differently. They've got something special up their sleeve - a strategy-led approach that fosters growth for brands and influencers alike.

With successful collaborations and campaigns under their belt, SocialTAG earned a solid reputation in the Indian market.

But they wanted to take it up a notch and show off their expertise on social media.

SocialTAG’s goal was to generate buzz around their work while coming across as a fun brand to work with and so they decided to do some tweaking with us.


We knew that SocialTAG needed to stand out in the crowd of influencer agencies. So, we put on our creative hats and came up with a kickass activation campaign for them. Our mission was clear - introduce SocialTAG as the unconventional trendsetter they truly are.

To bring out their distinctiveness, we relied on two powerful ingredients - quirky copy and vibrant design. We made sure their social media presence oozed fun, setting the stage for exciting collaborations and a wild ride with influencers.


We brainstormed copy-centric carousels, injecting them with quirky and relatable language that resonates with the audience. We even hopped on the latest funny trends to keep things fresh and entertaining.

Our creative minds went wild, coming up with hilarious reels that depicted the ups and downs of life as influencers and the behind-the-scenes craziness.

With a one-of-a-kind "UnTAG" series, we reimagined social media terms, giving them unconventional and relatable meanings that had everyone laughing.

Not just funny content, we also showcased SocialTAG’s success stories through engaging case studies, demonstrating the impact of the awesome campaigns SocialTAG has delivered.

And we didn't stop there - we provided valuable industry insights and useful tips and tricks through informative reels that kept our audience informed and coming back for more.


The result?

Amazing engagement and a significant boost in followers, proving that our approach was a hit with the target audience.

The case study carousels have also hit the mark, showcasing the success stories of SocialTAG's impactful campaigns. These have been instrumental in building trust and credibility with potential clients, attracting new partnerships, and reinforcing SocialTAG's position as a top-notch influencer marketing and talent management agency.

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