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Cricket Kahi Bhi, Kabhi Bhi campaign for a Cricket app


Founded in 2017, Cricket Exchange, or CREX is a platform exhibiting live stats of all Tests, ODI & T20I, and club matches.

Cricket Exchange came up and formulated an app that was going to provide users with a next-gen cricket experience and this app is now named CREX. While the app is undoubtedly next-gen, we tried to relate the targeted audience with concepts of Cricket that have kept coming for generations! The brand wanted to begin their social media presence through very engaging creatives.


CREX wanted to focus on the fact that users can always be connected with everything in Cricket, so keeping that in the mind our strategy and creative team brainstormed around different communications that can connect those cricket fans with the content.

Our method was not to put generic cricket content like the news and facts, that’s what the app is for. But for the takeoff, we somehow had to demonstrate the significance of Cricket in a fan's life uniquely and creatively. Since CREX had 50 millions users, we focused a lot on their app store reviews. That helped us in understanding the key features of the app and how those are helpful for the users. One of those were that the app used to make it very easy for the users to stay connected with Cricket. Keeping that in mind we finally came up with a launch campaign "Cricket Kahi Bhi, Kabhi Bhi."


In our campaign, we tweaked real-life situations and circumstances and related those with Cricket. The whole communication was around a typical cricket fan who always has Cricket on his/her mind. These series of launch creatives were followed by a logo reveal animation as the brand revamped their logo.

After acquiring a great response, we went on in the same direction. Our target audience was not only hardcore cricket enthusiasts but also those who are moderately interested. So keeping both ideologies in mind, we constructed scenarios and content that can be relatable and fascinating to all our user personas.

To improve the arrangement and relations with the followers, we materialized with a component, dubbed CREX dictionary. We posted short forms of any cricket phrase and requested the followers to emerge with some other full forms with a humorous twist to them.

For another element, we portrayed what the Cricketers' Bumble account would look like and came up with some humorous bios and characteristics that the players might use. We also came up with many more notions which were attention-grabbing and eye-catching and brought engagement to the brand.

We ran a few contests across Instagram and Twitter to acquire a larger audience, engagements, impressions, and traffic. Some of the contests included guessing the player by their stance, or phrases that can be used on dates as well as on matches.

Some of our other interactive creatives included relatable situations, Quizzes on Instagram stories, Moment Marketing Posts, etc relating Cricket to daily live promoting CREX features.


Apart from keeping the fans updated with everyday Cricket news through our fun and interactive posts, we were determined to strengthen their Social Media presence and conducted numerous contests on various apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and needless to say, we got extraordinary results with a whopping reach of 6.8M on Instagram amounting to almost 21.5k engagements.

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