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Amplifying the JAMstack tech revolution in India


Jamsfy, a growing startup that is on the verge of revolutionizing the e-commerce industry through their unique headless web development wanted to compete with their global competitors to grow their business across the world and that is why they wanted SEO services to rank globally

Jamsfy wasn’t able to rank on the 1st page on Google and they were mostly getting traffic from branded search. Due to this, they were facing a lot of struggle in ranking on their service related keywords.

  • Increase in brand awareness since it was the first JAMstack startup of India.
  • Increase in search visibility.
  • Increase in organic conversions.


We started with a detailed keyword research and since Jamsfy is from B2B services industry, the keyword research was very difficult to crack but we nailed down to 10 keywords.

After that, we analysed the content marketing strategies of the competitors (US and UK) as we needed to compete on global keywords on Google.

Before starting with content and link-building we conducted all the on-page audits and implemented the changes to improve the on-page SEO score.

Post that, we started with content distribution and link-building to produce backlinks in the form of blogs, articles, PPTs, PDFs, videos, and infographics


We prepared a combination of long-tail and short-tail keywords around web development and started our SEO process. 

Since their target audience wasn’t much aware about JAMstack technology, our content in the Phase-1 was majorly focused on making people aware about the solution JAMstack brings to the problems face by business owners who want to build scalable e-commerce websites today.

The implementation was challenging but we were able to crack it and some of the highlights that helped us in managing the overall procedure smoothly were:

  • Weekly ranking updates
  • Goal settings in Google Analytics to measure the success of SEO efforts
  • Monthly discussion with client to analyze the ongoing strategies
  • Initial 2 weeks were devoted in understanding about the brand for better content output

We focused majorly on Blogs and Articles and achieved the 1st page ranking within a month for 1 of their keywords. After 3 months we were ranking on the 1st page for 5 keywords.


The authority built on Google Search proved to be very successful for the brand and they even got the attention of Yourstory Media’s Tech50 list. Jamsfy was chosen as one of the 50 most promising Indian startups of 2021.

Apart from this brand awareness, we were able to achieve the following results that helped them in getting more organic conversions through their website. 

Shubham Saurabh

CEO, Jamsfy

SEO was always our pain point as a core tech company, and Minimal Tweaks helped us achieve the desired SEO results. Today we are ranking 1st in Google search results globally for more than 20+ keywords which have helped us grow organically by 10% in the last three months. I want to take this platform today to thank Minimal Tweaks for being a key player in our ongoing growth journey.

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