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Identity revamp of the largest Instagram community of NCR


Noidagram is a one-stop online platform for all the things in Noida & NCR. It lets the city explorers dive deep into all the happenings in the satellite city of Delhi. The brand has been progressing year by year and has become an essential part of the exordium of Noida.

Noidagram flocked to social media in 2017 gained a massive response and popularity in no time. Among all its social media channels, the major popularity pool was on Instagram. The brand was in search of a possible identity revamp to showcase their solid presence on Instagram without tampering the brand’s essence. This is where our minimalistic approach proved to be an eleventh-hour rescue for the brand.


After a capacious research about the purpose of existence of Noidagram, we decided to revamp the brand identity without disrupting its essence and decided to make the best use of the character ‘O’.

Noidagram logo revamp


Since Instagram is a media sharing app, we decided to unify Instagram impetus by tweaking the character 'O' in Noidagram to give a look of a camera.

  • Noida being an integral part of the NCR region, this was encompassed in the tweaking done with 'O'. The 2 'O's portray the mainlands duo of the National Capital Region.
  • The boldness in the text given to ‘NOIDA' was to evoke the message that the brand majorly covers the ongoings of Noida.
  • The color scheme used is a combination of yellow with black to give the viewer a sense of alert about what's gonna happen next.  This perfectly aligns with the brand's USP i.e, “If it's in Noida, it's on Noidagram”.


Post identity revamp, the brand received many recognitions on the platform. Due to the consistent communication through the logo, the brand managed to attract 50,000 followers on Instagram and is now keeping them engaged with many alerts about Noida.

Aashish Bhargava

Founder, Noidagram

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