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Launching a doctors scrub brand online


OnCall is a brilliant initiative that was established to provide our frontline workers with scrubs so soft, flexible, and fashionable that they can be worn anywhere! The brand got the idea of making these durable uniforms for catering to the frontline workers with some comfort and fashion.


After going through the notion of the brand thoroughly, we came up with different strategies that helped the users connect and relate to the everyday routine and hectic lifestyles of the frontline workers and show them in a different light. We spread awareness about the most important aspect of their product which is its ease of use and the product itself. We also strategized a mini launch for separate colors covering the psychology behind each one of them. We used a trilogy of entertainment, relatability, and inspiration to get our message across to the customers.


Our posts surrounded all the aspects of medical professionals and how their life can be more easier and durable by using the brand’s products.

Generated curiosity and precisely talked about the main characteristics of the product with minimalistic gifs and post ideas to convey our notions in the pre-launch posts.

With a variety of colors to choose from, we also introduced static posts and stories related to color theory to give the audience an idea about the product’s range.

Last but not the least, we strategized the content on the relatable lives of the forever-working Medical Professionals and attracted the targetted audience by portraying their characteristics on the page.


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