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Website revamp for a brand management software


Artwork Flow is a SaaS platform that aims to make your life easier while ideating and creating product labels. It’s a brainchild of Bizongo, India's largest technology-driven platform for made-to-order B2B products that serve over 600+ enterprise customers across various industries.

Artwork Flow realized that they have something truly unique, and partnered with us to build a digital presence using the no-code platform of Webflow.


During the discovery meeting, the brand gave us a wealth of information about their aesthetic preferences by giving us very precise design references. The references were all very simple and clean, and we adopted that style for our website design. Our designs use a lot of white space to give the visitor's eye room to move around and concentrate on the page's most crucial components.

The product pages, on the other hand, are purposefully created to provide detailed information to individuals who are looking for it while emphasising driving visitors into the checkout flow and towards conversion, packing a wealth of information into a little package.


In terms of development, we created our site on top of the Webflow platform and added the unique aesthetics and functionality we need.

We carefully considered which content management system (CMS) to use and determined that building our custom designs on top of the Webflow platform checked all the boxes the brand was looking for with a CMS. It would allow the Artwork Flow's administrators to easily update sections on the site, including the team members, portfolio entries, and news stories.


Visitors to the website now have a clearer sense of who Artwork Flow is and what they stand for thanks to updated information and visuals. The website has a lot more personality and engagement, which builds trust between Artwork Flow and its target market. Artwork Flow makes it simple for interested parties to take the next step by getting in touch with them by supplying further details about their services and clear contact choices.

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