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5 Essential No-Code Tools To Build Your Startup

Trying to find out the no code tools for your startup's growth? Start with 5 no code tools and start building your product from scratch.

July 4, 2022
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When building and scaling your startup, you don’t want to experience a Bangalore traffic kinda speed when it comes to growth.

We live in a world of fast deliveries and the short attention spans of humans. You wouldn’t want to mess it up just because you didn’t have the right ‘coder’ in your core team.

“The future of coding is no coding at all.” - Chris Wanstrath, CEO of GitHub

There are many service business owners who want to build their product but 80% of them just don’t go through with it only because of the lack of expertise in coding.

The best time to build your product will always be yesterday but the best options available for you will always be there today.

And this blog is for those who want to build their product or scale their startup or business without code or using low-code tools.

So, let’s dive into the world of no-code tools

1) Webflow

Webflow Home Page

Webflow is the most incredible website builder tool. It helps the non-coders to build powerful and interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without actually having to code.

If you’re still thinking to start with WordPress or Wix then you’re probably going to make a very bad decision.

Webflow websites are as per the latest user behavior on the web. The websites built on Webflow will be super smooth and fast to load. You will never have to worry about your website’s technical SEO when it’s built on Webflow.

It allows full customization and you can even take advantage of the Webflow community and many free resources from their Made In Webflow Page. You can check out some of the cloneable templates by our team as well.

You’re actually reading this blog on a website that is built on Webflow.

This doesn’t mean you can only create static websites on Webflow. Never underestimate the power of Webflow CMS. It is really user-friendly and easy to use which makes it the favorite Website CMS for every marketer.

You can always hire a Webflow Expert or a Webflow Development Agency to do the job for you.

Read More about Webflow Pricing Plans

2) Bubble

Bubble Landing Page

Bubble has totally changed the way web apps are built. They recognized that building tech products takes time and consumes a lot of money.

So, this is where Bubble entered by providing its users with the fastest and cheapest solution to build a web app.

It’s the most profitable and suitable tool to build your web app or its prototype to launch within minutes by just dragging and dropping different features.

It has a very robust system access management which can be integrated with Google, Facebook, or Linkedin.

It can easily be integrated with payment tools or analytics tools for your app.

3) Airtable

Airtable Screenshot

With the great no-code platform, comes a greater need for a database system. Most of the no-code platforms have their own CMS but Airtable takes it a step ahead.

Airtable mixes the features of Excel and databases to help you manage data more effectively and easily.

It can be integrated with several no-code platforms which makes it easy for you to manage all your data in one place. Airtable’s analytics also helps in tracking and managing the workflows for better management.

With Airtable in your No-Code Tech stack, you will not be required to write complex formulas to get your data.

4) Zapier

Zapier Screenshot

Do you tend to speak about Slack, Google Workspace, Webflow, Firebase, Instagram, etc. on daily basis, and are these a very important part of your data flow?

Zapier is that one tool that can automate the way your data can execute different tasks linked with each other without your involvement.

The ‘Zap’ feature is the Abracadabra moment for everyone who has automated their workflow through Zapier.

5) Notion

Notion Screenshot

Imagine your day when you have to log in to multiple apps to have access to different resources for your work. On top of that, you also need to track the progress of different projects.

Now just imagine this when you’re working in a remote setup. Well, it makes it 5X more difficult.

In comes Notion! The most preferred tool for remote teams working collaboratively to track the progress and management of tasks.

It enables the teams to work with greater flexibility and improve their productivity at work.

No-Code Development is no more in beta stage

With the fast-growing technology behind No-Code, you just need to be a creator to kickstart your idea as a full-fledged tech product and test its performance in the industry.

If you have the above No-Code tools in your tech stack then your business, technology, and marketing operations will always be in order to generate maximum results for your business.

Start with the above 5 No-Code tools to build your product from scratch.

Tweak Cool Ideas using No-Code with Minimal Tweaks

At Minimal Tweaks, we are always up for a conversation around a cool tech product using no-code and total creativity with our expertise in multiple tools.

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