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How to grow a brand on Pinterest?

Pinterest is often overlooked by business owners for their social media marketing but recently many businesses have started leveraging Pinterest.

April 6, 2022
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Pinterest was originally known as a site for finding recipes and home decor ideas, but today it is much more than that.

Pinterest is a platform for visual search, having tons of images, graphics, and links for nearly everything you might need to find. This feature makes it the best social media platform for businesses that have a visual aspect to their business. 

Pinterest is likely to get more attention as this platform is capable of driving more traffic than any other social media platform. Thus you may create a Pinterest strategy for your business or hire a social media agency.

Most of the users are there on the platform to discover images and graphics of new products. This social media platform is also a powerful platform to drive website traffic.

Creating a business profile on Pinterest is the perfect way to get started with this platform. In this article, we will discuss how to make your business profile a brand profile.

Grow Your Brand on Pinterest

The first step in making a presence on this platform is to brand your profile. You must create a business Pinterest account to get the analytics for your account and much more.

After that, you need to take steps to brand your Pinterest profile so that users easily recognize your business and your profile. Let's talk about how you can grow your brand on Pinterest:

1. Choose a cover board

Pinterest lets to choose a single cover board that will show the pins in that board to the top of your profile. The pins inside this cover board are not clickable but there is a link to that board at the corner of the cover image.

This is a perfect place to showcase your product's images, graphics, and other designs from your business. Make sure this cover board matches your business to give your profile a brand look.

For example: Look at the image below has a cover board that has the same color scheme and fonts, giving her profile a brand look.

2. Select up to five showcase boards

The next step that you have to customize is to showcase your boards. These boards will appear underneath your name and bio. Have a look at one of the showcase boards below.

This is a great place to feature your products as the five boards chosen will slide on one after another.

3. Write your bio

Writing a social media bio is the same as on other social media platforms. You can take inspiration from your other social media platforms and write a bio that will describe your business or brand.

Make sure you communicate your brand's mission and offerings.

4. Brand your board covers

You have the option to choose covers for your boards that match your branding and your profile.

There are many different ways to do this; you can even choose a pin that matches your brand color.

5. Verify your website

You will have to verify your website to get the analytics for your website on Pinterest. To do this, Pinterest provides a code snippet that you have to place on your website.

Many WordPress plugins will help you in this task.

6. Invest in Promoted Pins

You can use the promote pins option by paying for your pins. Promoted pins look similar to regular pins but they attract more traffic than regular pins. They appear in every feed the user interacts with like home feed, category feeds, and search results.

You can try promoted pins with fewer budgets to determine you should invest more or not in promoted pins.

7. Pin Frequently

If you think that posting once or twice is enough for getting traffic. Think again, as posting more often may increase your user engagement. Few websites study how many pins are the best and they found that posting 72 pins per day drives the best result. 

However, you can get the most engagement with 30-50 pins per day. But remember to pin relevant to your brand and don't post pins that your users don't want to hear.

8. Repin Even More

To get more traffic and sales for your brand you need to repin others' posts. Repins means that you repin other's content and the more likely they will repin your's content.

Pinterest algorithms follow the repins strategy as the more repins your brand has the more often you will show up in the search results. So, start engaging with others’ content and interact with their pins by repinning. 


By following these steps you will be able to make your brand consistent on all of your social media platforms. Pinterest is more than a social network as it is changing the way people look for products and product images.

Pinterest is even one of the most popular social media channel chosen by social media marketing agencies for E-Commerce brands majorly.

We have only covered the capabilities of Pinterest but it’s time for marketers to look deeper into Pinterest.

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