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Concept Tweak: The flavors of a creative agency


Our team wanted to bring out the different flavors of a creative team through some witty design and copywriting in concept flavors of chips.


The campaign leveraged the relatability factor by comparing different chip flavors to the personalities of the marketing agency team members and highlighting how each flavor is unique and suited for different moods and preferences.


The campaign aimed to give a unique twist to basic chip flavors and increase engagement by associating them with relatable agency life concepts and professionals such as ‘Monday Blues’, ‘Game Night’, ‘Netflix & Chill’, etc. The packaging design of the chips also reflected these concepts to create a visually appealing and relatable campaign.

chips packet for copywriter
chips packet for graphic designer
chips packet for HR
chips packet for performance marketer
chips packet for seo
chips packet for social media manager


The campaign successfully generated high engagement rates on social media and was successful in establishing an emotional connection with the audience through relatable content and personalized approach. We tried our best that every social media member in the community could relate their work life with those flavours and whenever they come across those flavours, they have a laugh about it!

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