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The New Minimal Brand Identity of Udemy

The worldwide hub for online learning and teaching, Udemy has launched its new brand identity design which is sleek, refreshing, and minimal in every aspect. The global brand of learning has now taken a step ahead with its ideology of knowledge for all. Udemy now joins the list of many other brands like GoDaddy, Airbnb,  who have chosen the path of minimalism for their rebranding. This shows that the majority of brands are opting for a minimalist brand identity because the minimalistic branding with a few tweaks here and there can prove to be a remarkably powerful way to connect with your customers who in the current times are loaded with sales marketing communications and messages. These minimal tweaks not only change your brand perception but also change the whole personality of the brand.

Udemy New Logo

A Symbol of Growth

Yes, the new logo of Udemy leverages a simple font style with a remarkable tweak of introducing an upward arrow. They call it 'Uptick'

It solidifies the importance of Udemy's courses and various resources in a person's career growth and overall personality development. Not just this, Udemy wants to convey the message that how important it is to always look for a scope of upskilling and improvement in skills. It's conveyed very well through their new brand identity.

An Energetic Color Palette

The new set of brand colors are chosen to portray the feeling of enthusiasm, excitement, and motivation for the people on the path of learning and upskilling. They have gone with the vivid purple color to keep the notion of providing career growth and possibilities to all their customers.

llustrative Graphics

Other than positive and a wide range of photography, Udemy has emphasized illustrations for easy-to-understand explanations of complex topics to their customers. The illustrations used have been kept very minimal in design to conduct an easy and unambiguous flow of communication.

Understanding The Power of Minimal Brand Identity

To make your brand communications even more thoughtful and effective, a minimalistic brand identity is very necessary for your brand. Here's what Uber said when they had a minimal rebranding:

"Our logo is approachable, easy to read, and takes full advantage of our name recognition. Optical kerning, refined weight, and defined clear space, as well as well-delineated placement in relation to other content, all help to make it as instantly recognizable as possible."

So, if your brand wants to reach out to your potential customers via possible touchpoints then you must leverage the power of minimal design because the current digital space is densely crowded and continually overloading with multiple players so consider minimal brand identity because it requires deep thought and effort but produces long-lasting results for your brand's identity. As a creative digital agency, we have done multiple minimal brandings so if you're in a pickle then you can always get in touch with us.

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