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How to do influencer marketing in 2022?

Influencer marketing is the new form of marketing that the majority of brands are executing to increase their brand visibility on different digital platforms. Initially, it was limited to Instagram but now influencer marketing is being done on a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Though earlier it was adopted by big brands and creative digital agencies but even startups are also adopting influencer marketing these days.

But why would you require influencer marketing?

Basically, marketing means experimenting. And since the arrival of digital marketing techniques and strategies are evolving rapidly these days. Influencer marketing is the most profitable form of digital marketing today due to the increased internet usage and the vast reach of influencers.

It can't be the only marketing strategy for you but yes it is a highly effective addition to your marketing efforts for your brand.

The content pieces produced by the influencers are so much effective and their followers listen to their reviews and recommendations. Many of the buying decisions of a customer depend on the influencers and celebrities they follow. There detailed reviews around a product not only explain the details but also presents different customer scenarios in front of their audience.

The influencers are classified into majorly two types of influencers- 'macro' and 'micro'. But, influencer marketing is not limited to choosing any type of influencer for your brand. It requires a thought-out strategy that includes these important points:

1) Target Audience Definition: Before jumping into selecting any influencer, it is very important to understand whom your target audience would relate to.

There's no point in onboard an influencer whom your target audience doesn't know or they don't relate to. So, understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience first, and on that basis choose an appropriate influencer.

2) Define The Goals: Before starting an influencer marketing campaign, first, make sure what you want to achieve through that campaign. A clear goal definition is very necessary for any influencer campaign.

A goal can be to gain followers or to gain leads or engagement for the product/service of their brand. Based on the goal setting, define the KPIs for the campaigns.

3) Budget Allocation: Influencer marketing is a costly marketing strategy but highly effective in terms of the ROI. Conduct market research on different types of influencers and their creative costs per campaign.

Based on these factors allocate the right budget and execute your influencer marketing campaigns.

4) Shortlist Your Influencers: Based on your goals, target audience, and budget, shortlist the most appropriate influencers for your brand and prepare a campaign guideline for them.

Post shortlisting, classify the shortlisted influencers into micro and macro and assign the KPIs for both sets of influencers. Any creative digital agency in Lucknow or anywhere else also makes use of different influencer marketing applications to connect with influencers.

5) Campaign Ideation: Once you have shortlisted the influencers, create the campaign strategy and its distribution for the influencers. Ideate the content type for the campaign and set the standards.

Based on the campaign ideation, finalize the different social media platforms where influencer marketing will be executed.

6) Negotiate With Influencers: Once you have shortlisted the influencers then reach out to the influencers with the campaign objectives and offered remunerations. Make sure you communicate the requirement clearly to the influencers.

After negotiating with the influencer concerning terms and prices, prepare an agreement that defines all the terms regarding the collaboration and finalize that with the influencers.

7) Campaign Launch: After everything is finalized launch the influencer campaign on all the decided social media platforms and make sure that all the guidelines regarding content and communication are met and make the amendments accordingly.

8) Monitor The Campaign: To calculate the success of your campaign for your future influencer marketing strategies, keep monitoring the ongoing campaigns and also monitor the influencer engagement rates for all the influencers.


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Don't expect that your influencer marketing would succeed on the first go but keep experimenting with it with the help of a digital marketing company because it's like an experiment but a 'calculated experiment'.

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